#25 Lampedusa – Arrival

ay what, Couldn’t you just go straight? No, ’cause Scirocco blew exactly from the direction I was meant to go for two and a half days in a row! And since a sailboat can’t just sail against the wind, zig zag, zig zag, I hauled for two days and a half indeed, with the boat heeled all the time.

In the meanwhile: it was extremely hot (the picture is dedicated to my friend Francesco Corica), I put some sunscreen (but only on my nose), in the night it was full of phosphorescent Pelagia noctiluca (the common pink jellyfish) and some dolphin, at dawn there were three small turtles, but most of all I enjoyed listening to the VHF radio in the Sicily Channel: Arab, Balkan, Japanese, French, Sicilian, Sardinian voices, and we even had some 30 seconds of Despacito, then Bella Ciao “live”, and a satanic voice with a Maghreb accent saying “Shut up your fucking ass.”

In the middle of the night, I made it to Lampedusa, the mythical Lampedusa.


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