Island People – Lipari – Loredana Salzano

This time, I really don’t know where to begin. Loredana is crazy!!! She answered enthusiastically as I contacted her for 33 Isole, and she guaranteed an authentic Lipari experience upon my arrival. I will go mad trying to keep her pace!

Look how she describes herself:
Multifaceted artist with a volcanic talent, she was born under the Vesuvius and moved to Lipari, where she has been living for over 10 years and owns a gallery/shop. Creative at 360°, she realizes material canvases, dreamlike watercolors, artistic ceramics, informal paintings, sculptures and jewelry with materials recovered especially from the sea.
She writes poetry and publishes a collection of poems entitled “Feral Islands.” Volcanoes are her main source of inspiration (hence the name “Our Volcanoes’ Lady”) leading to an ironic-poetic mix, suspended between art, thought and design.
From engaged canvases or extremely contemporary conceptual installations, she switches with the same enthusiasm to easy, funny, and original design pieces, centered around the theme Alice Attònita, that is, *”the only primordial Alice with contemporary troubles”, a character/message that becomes the expression of the human dichotomy between contemporariness and need to return to a “wonderfully simple” life.

Loreda’, I’m coming!

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Island People – Capri – Nello Iaccarino, Christina Rookmaaker, Camilla Formisano

I’ve never been in Capri, scared by its stylish aura. But then… then I’m finding out loads of interesting guys, although so sociologically different from those I found in, say, Ustica or the Aeolian Islands.

Caprionline (, one of the first companies in Italy specialized in creating websites, is indeed based in Capri.
Nello, authentically Caprese (from Capri), founded it twenty years ago with a friend. Before, he used to be lifeguard, ice cream maker and keyboard player in a dark music band.
Then Christina and Camilla joined. As for Christina, some think she’s Indian, some Thai, some even Dutch. Yet despite the name and the exotic appearance, Christina is an (almost) authentic Caprese who decided to work and start a family in Capri.
Camilla, born and raised in Sorrento, like all “mainland” people always saw Capri as a distant and remote island – despite the hydrofoil only takes 20 minutes. After having become an adoptive Caprese, she returned to live on the mainland and travels every day to reach the office.

Despite the preconceptions, they tell me Capri is “a place that allows Bambi to grow up free surrounded by nature, sea, and woods”! We’ll talk about it in early may…

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Island People – Filicudi – Monica Blasi

As for Filicudi, about 200 live there, the perfect example of an island that empties out from October onwards. I went once there at the beginning of June, just one day, from Palermo, with my mom. Some freediving around that surreal rock in the middle of the sea they called “La Canna” (the barrel) and away we go. Amazing beauty.

A girl from Rome lives in Filicudi, Monica Blasi. PhD in biophysics, driven by at least a couple of passions, one of which for the protection of the marine environment, she moved there in 2004. She founded and still manages the Filicudi Wildlife Conservation association. She does research, serious research, on cetaceans and turtles, funding herself with the summer research camps she organizes and some private donation. Among other things, she can – the only one in the world! – mediate between authorities and locals, especially fishermen, whose interests are always, but only apparently, opposite.

To me, she’s a myth. Hey myth, are we gonna have a chat at the end of April on your island?

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Island People – Lipari – Sara Basile

Lipari is a large and busy sicilian island (see Nanni Moretti’s movie Caro Diario, a masterpiece…). Before “knowing” Sara, in my imagination it was maybe the least interesting among the Aeolian Islands. After Sara and her volcanic enthusiasm, it suddenly seems the most alive!

Sara is a “picciotta” (sicilian for young girl), with a great passion for cinema, literature and the politics “of doing”! She lives in Lipari even in winter and organizes loads of cultural activities, despite some difficulties.
“It’s hard to implement the bases of a Community!!”, says she.
Se has been a political activist since she was 14, and she realized 3 short films with a friend which participated to the Salina Doc Fest (a short film festival that will be addressed here soon…) and at the Centro Studi Eoliano. Among other things, she currently proposes a film forum (last year dedicated to Federico Fellini, this year on the theme of the exile in the islands – #SenzaLimitieConfini).
She never stops!

See you late-April in Lipari, Sara!

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