33 Isole (33 Islands) is the project of a voyage. An unusual voyage around all the small inhabited Italian islands onboard a small and original sailboat with no cabin, alone. Looking for the future of these tiny spots, rather than the echo of their past, and for the future of those young people whose strong sense of belonging has led to build up their ambitious, modern, or innovative dreams in the islands. The picture of a piece of Italy and of the Mediterranean apparently marginal yet real, alive. Important.

Lucio, the man behind the project, left onboard Maribelle, the sailboat, on 15 April 2018 from Palermo. After more than 2800 nautical miles and about 90 interviews, he reached the Venetian Lagoon on 23 August 2018. He did visit 33 islands and satisfied, for the time being at least, his thirst for adventure.

The complete track of the voyage:
Palermo, 15 April - Venice, 23 August 2018

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