#9 Capri – Departure

And so it is, we leave Capri too, with new friends and a great curiosity to discover this crazily Mediterranean and artistic island trying to defend itself against the invisible and dangerous claws of unbridled tourism.

Thanks to Costantino Esposito and Giuseppe from Marina di Capri for the enthusiastic welcoming despite the preparation for a huge Formula 1-style regata with unbelievable sailing boats.
And then Nabil Pulita from Blue Capri for his wise explanations, Annarita from Kaire Arte Capri – Associazione Culturale for letting us know, walking amidst the culture, from which deep roots comes the justified myth of Capri. Franco Senesi of Liquid art system for keeping the artistic tradition alive in a modern way. And the guys from Caprionline for trying to create a sustainable tourism based on quality instead of quantity. And finally the “professor” for the appartment in the wilderness away from everything, hidden in the myrt bushes and a with a great view on the lighthouse.

All this, not even in two days, has been Capri. Wow…

And now, Procida, here we come!


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#9 Capri – Contemporary art

Liquid art system: the contemporary art gallery in Capri owned by Franco Senesi. A fascinating man trying to feed the huge cultural heritage of the island, perhaps the greatest among all the minor islands in Italy, and for sure the one who has almost always been at the top since the ancient Greek era.


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Island People – Capri – Nello Iaccarino, Christina Rookmaaker, Camilla Formisano

I’ve never been in Capri, scared by its stylish aura. But then… then I’m finding out loads of interesting guys, although so sociologically different from those I found in, say, Ustica or the Aeolian Islands.

Caprionline (https://www.caprionline.it), one of the first companies in Italy specialized in creating websites, is indeed based in Capri.
Nello, authentically Caprese (from Capri), founded it twenty years ago with a friend. Before, he used to be lifeguard, ice cream maker and keyboard player in a dark music band.
Then Christina and Camilla joined. As for Christina, some think she’s Indian, some Thai, some even Dutch. Yet despite the name and the exotic appearance, Christina is an (almost) authentic Caprese who decided to work and start a family in Capri.
Camilla, born and raised in Sorrento, like all “mainland” people always saw Capri as a distant and remote island – despite the hydrofoil only takes 20 minutes. After having become an adoptive Caprese, she returned to live on the mainland and travels every day to reach the office.

Despite the preconceptions, they tell me Capri is “a place that allows Bambi to grow up free surrounded by nature, sea, and woods”! We’ll talk about it in early may…

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