#22 Levanzo – Departure

After 24 very intense hours I leave Levanzo towards the near and hype Favignana.

At a first glance, Levanzo looked to me as a place where time stopped. Time got stuck in the beauty and the rawness of this tiny white village with such a welcoming yet hardly existing harbor. It got stuck in the mystery of the Grotta del Genovese – Levanzo (Genovese Cave), an incredibile prehistoric place where Natale Castiglione, a special guy, took me.

And then, old people’s memories about the time when here more than 100 thousand liters of wine were produced, and there was cattle, and there was fishing, often all simultaneously.

And finally, memories of a guy such as Peppe, who decides to come back to his island as a chef for the season and remembers, despite being only 21 years old, those summer days as a child, here, spent in the sea all day or playing hide and seek with the tourists’ children, while today kids spend their time on the cellphone or gaming with the playstation.

Maybe, after all, time hasn’t stopped. Now spiderwebs hide a tremendous beauty…


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Island people – Marettimo – Davide Di Franco, Diletta Giannola

Guess what, I am not gonna go diving a little bit during my trip through such crazy places? And what’s better than doing it with people who actually chose the Island, leaving back a whole life to devote themselves to the Island?

Let me introduce you Davide Di Franco and Diletta Giannola, owners of Blu Tek Diving – Marettimo. Both form Palermo, him always fond of scuba diving, her former dancer of the Teatro Massimo in Palermo, a few years ago they decided to bet everything on their passion and love, mutual and for the sea. They chose Marettimo – unquestionably in the top 3, I dare say, of best diving destinations in Italy (and in the Mediterranean) for its underwater caves and unbelievable sceneries -, boat an old fishing boat named “El Merendero”, and the dream has come true. They even got married in Marettimo!

I can’t wait. Above and under water, take me discovering your island’s pearls of beauty…

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