#29 Tremiti – Departure

I leave behind Tremiti too. Small rocks colonized by the Bourbons where people speak napolitan. The two main islands, one right in front of the other, are so different. San Domino, the largest, hasn’t got almost anything historical. Only small villas and touristic buildings, all rather recent, but merged within a pine forest and a surreal atmosphere half Croatian half from a wood in the Appennini. San Nicola, on the other hand, is a small jewel to be taken care of. A Cistercian abbey staring at the sea from above, with walls, cloisters, and a very nice little village.

I did one of my best dives ever with yet another great diving center, which has more of a big family than a diving center, actually. From the region of Marche in the Center of Italy, Tony – a unique guy with the gentlest heart – came here twenty years ago. Back in those days, he was a pioneer here, but how many thousands of people have dove with him since then? His sons, Luca and Gianmarco follow him with enthusiasm, and so the future becomes the present. Thank you for an unforgettable welcoming, Tremiti Diving Center, I felt at home with you.

Then I talked to he mayor, Antonio, full of ideas and initiatives that in my opinion point to the right direction. The first local law in Italy banning single-use plastics was recently approved here thanks to his engagement and the one from . Congratulations, but now it’s about having that law respected, thus changing people’s mind for real.

There have been storms, because of strong winds the rubber tube of the boat got pierced and was already repaired thanks to the solidarity of the people here, and there have been fireworks on a gray but not-so-hot day. Now the bow points to Croatia and we will follow its coast to the North all the way to Grado. 250 nautical miles and then only one leg will be left…


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#6bis Salina – The project of the movie theater

There are worse things in life than being stuck in Salina, Aeolian Islands, for a few days waiting for the wind to calm down.
Even more when Clara Rametta, Mayor of Malfa (one of the three municipalities in Salina) and, more importantly, yet another great woman, hosted me and the crew at her Hotel Signum.

Now, there are no words to define this hotel that is in fact a luxury one. It actually is an apparently simple concentrate of aeolian hospitality where every detail is studied with a taste of beauty that embodies the Sicily of my dreams. A place I would never have been able to afford, but that 33 Isole made possible.

Furthermore, Clara has a vision: opening the first cinema in the Aeolian Islands. The place, the project, the dream already exist. Here you can help making it come true: http://www.palazzomarchetti.it/

Thank you from the bottom of the heart, Clara, I won’t forget…


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