#21 Marettimo – Arrival

Finally, I spent less than two and a half days for “the big jump” from Carloforte to Marettimo. Waiting for the right weather forecast it’s been intriguing, and so it’s been choosing the departure time – and being eventually right – as six hours before or after could have made things dangerous. So rapidly do the winds change in the Mediterranean Sea. Even so, the rudder got damaged and needs to be fixed straight away.

As I passed Capo Carbonara, Sardinia’s southeastern tip, the jump in the void has really been startling. When I turned the rudder to 120 degrees, my heart beat went through a sudden change. I felt really vulnerable.

For 24 hours I felt again the emotions of the Atlantic crossing, two years ago. I’m not only talking about the really big swell coming from nowhere. But also the thorough loneliness that magnifies the thoughts and makes them pure observations: of the weather, of the colors, of the wind, of the ever present shearwater, of the boat. The present and nothing else.

Yet it’s time to come back to the social and solid reality. But then here I am in Marettimo, one of the most amazing places in the Mediterranean Sea. I won’t complain…


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