#6bis Salina – The project of the movie theater

There are worse things in life than being stuck in Salina, Aeolian Islands, for a few days waiting for the wind to calm down.
Even more when Clara Rametta, Mayor of Malfa (one of the three municipalities in Salina) and, more importantly, yet another great woman, hosted me and the crew at her Hotel Signum.

Now, there are no words to define this hotel that is in fact a luxury one. It actually is an apparently simple concentrate of aeolian hospitality where every detail is studied with a taste of beauty that embodies the Sicily of my dreams. A place I would never have been able to afford, but that 33 Isole made possible.

Furthermore, Clara has a vision: opening the first cinema in the Aeolian Islands. The place, the project, the dream already exist. Here you can help making it come true: http://www.palazzomarchetti.it/

Thank you from the bottom of the heart, Clara, I won’t forget…


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#6bis Salina – Again

Déjà vu.
In fact I’ve already seen this place. Here I am, back in Salina, at Porto Delle Eolie who is hosting me and Maribelle with kindness and a great sea spirit. Scirocco then Libeccio (SE and SW) winds are coming, and sometimes it’s wiser to stop for some days. The sea rules.


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#3 Salina – Arrival

Good morning from Didyme (Salina’s ancient Greek name), the tallest and most massive among the Aeolian Islands, UNESCO world heritage site.
Thanks to Porto delle Eolie and to Marco Miuccio from the Coast Guard for their welcome and hospitality.
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